Essex Chapter GB


The Essex Chapter was formed on the 6th February 2011, this was due to the closure of the 20 year old Essex Chapter H.O.G when our sponsoring dealership announced they were closing the Harley Davidson dealership STRATSTONE.

Harley Davidson H.O.G announced that we would have to close as a Chapter, because all Chapters have to be sponsored by a Harley Davidson dealership.
The remaining Essex dealership would not adopt us as a group to maintain the ESSEX Chapter H.O.G name.

There were two options for the Chapter to decide on.
The first option was to become an independent Chapter and not be supported by Harley Davidson H.O.G.
The second option was to migrate to an existing Essex dealership and be renamed in alignment with their dealership name.

The membership was balloted and an EOGM (Extra Ordinary General Meeting) was arranged at the Lodge Public House Marquee.

It was an overall majority to opt for the first option, keep the Essex Chapter name and become an independent club.
The membership also voted that the existing committee would continue to operate and run the club until the next AGM.

This meant that individuals no longer have to be members of Harley Davidson H.O.G to join the club, but they must own and ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
The club is going from strength to strength with new members joining us all the time.
Our website,, has been created for information and events updates.

The renewal date for memberships had been agreed to be a single annual date from January 1st of each year.