How to use the noticeboard:
If you're planning a trip, for instance, to Killarney, and you would like more members to join your ride, or maybe you want someone to lead the ride, email the webmaster with your plans and/or wish list etc, it will then be posted on the noticeboard.

We are planning a trip to Killarney, so far the riders are:
Bob & Barb, Jim & Jane, Ricky & Raquel.
We would like another 3 riders to join us (single or two up).

Will be leaving Boreham S/S on 15th November at 07:00 to arrive at Fishguard for the ferry crossing at 17:00.
We wil stay in Rosslare overnight, then move on direct to Killarney via Waterford and Cork. No hotels etc booked as yet as we are waiting to see if there are any more buddies who want to go.

Please email Bob & Barb by 1st October so hotels and other bookings can be finalised.

If you want to lead the ride or have a better route in mind, please let us know.

Bob & Barb.